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Ocean Institute Ocean Science Education


The Ocean Institute’s upcoming Girls in Ocean Science (GIOS) Conferences connect female students in middle and high school with professional women in science to help teens discover ocean-related education and career pathways.

Each full-day GIOS Conference includes experts working side-by-side with small groups of student participants in the Ocean Institute labs and at sea on the research vessel, Sea Explorer. Scientists act as mentors throughout the day as they share information about their fields of study and career trajectories with students at a critical time in their education careers. Students gain perspectives that influence their course selections, volunteer work, clubs, and prospective colleges and majors.

Since its inception in 2006, GIOS Conferences have welcomed scientists from diverse fields, including marine veterinary medicine, oceanography, marine biology, university-level education, ocean conservation, water quality engineering, ecology, microbiology, physiology and climatology. The unique design of the GIOS Conference series ensures that the presenters will align with the interests of female teens. The Girls in Ocean Science Committee, comprised of high school students who have participated in a prior Conference, researches, invites, and selects each presenter.

Committee member, Lily Murphy stated, “Girls in Ocean Science empowered me to actively seek my dreams and to pursue my goals. I’ve formed connections with brilliant women in my chosen scientific field. With their support and new knowledge from participating in Girls in Ocean Science, I feel confident that in the coming years when I am in college and getting my start in the world, I have a huge leg up.”

The GIOS Conferences will take place on February 15 and March 21, for middle and high school girls respectively. The $60 fee ($50 for Ocean Institute members) includes a full-day Conference (8:30am-4:30pm ), breakfast, lunch, and a Committee-designed T-shirt. A limited number of scholarships are available through The Steinmetz Foundation. Scholarship applications due on February 3 and notification by February 10.

For more information, please go to Ocean Institute or call (949) 496-2274.

Ocean Institute, January 22, 2020, Media Release

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